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Pay attention to the following points when composing and purchasing zippers

Public date: 2021-4-14 17:19:07

The metal zipper is also composed of cloth belt, Mimi tooth, pull head and limit code.

It is clear which kind of products metal zipper is applied to: clothing, bags, shoes, tents, jeans clothes requiring washing or leather products with high acidity and other special requirements.

Cloth belt: because the raw material of metal zipper cloth belt is made of polyester silk thread, sewing thread, middle core thread and other different kinds of silk thread, its component and coloring property are different, so color difference is easy to occur on the same zipper. At this time, when selecting cloth belt, it is necessary to choose uniform dyeing and no muddy point. The cloth belt made of different fabrics is mainly soft with soft hand.

Mimi teeth: the metal zipper is also plated with color. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the color is even and whether there is color flower. Whether the zipper is pulled up and down smoothly. After zipper is pulled, it is necessary to observe whether the left and right teeth are all engaged with each other. Asymmetric zipper teeth will affect the use of zipper.

Limit Code: the upper and lower stops must be tightly fastened on the MI tooth or clamped on the MI tooth to ensure its firmness and perfection.

Pull head: metal zipper pull head of the shape more, the finished product can be small and meticulous, but also rough and strong. But no matter how the pull head, we should feel whether the pull head is open freely, whether the zipper can not be pulled or closed. Now the zipper heads sold on the market have self-locking devices, so after zipper is pulled, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down after the lower lock head is fixed

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