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Testing standard for metal zippers

Public date: 2021-4-14 17:24:25

The basic standards of metal zippers are as follows:

1. The parts of the whole zipper are complete, and the chain teeth are arranged neatly without missing teeth or bad teeth.

2. There is no obvious skew at the bottom of the zipper. When the zipper is opened and closed, there shall be no phenomenon that the pull head is stuck at the top and bottom.

3. The open end zipper (including double open end zipper) can be inserted and started flexibly; the adhesive tape and cloth tape are bonded firmly and neatly.

3. The surface decoration layer of the zipper head (also known as the zipper head) is firm and uniform, without bubbles, peeling and other defects, and the cavity is flat and smooth; the pull tab is flexible and the trademark is clear.

The zipper size parameters are in accordance with Article 3.3; the length per 100 meters of the zipper is 100 m ± 0.5 m. The color of the chain belt is bright, and the color difference of the chain belt in the same batch reaches the third level specified in gb250. The color difference of the same chain belt shall reach grade 4 specified in gb250.

Color fastness of metal zipper: color fastness to friction: color fastness of chain belt after friction test conforms to grade 3-4 of gb251.

Color fastness to washing: the color fastness of the chain belt after washing conforms to grade 3 ~ 4 specified in gb250.

There shall be no more than 3 joints per 100 meters of chain belt.

Special requirements for metal zippers or other components, such as no banned azo, no nickel, no inspection pin, etc., shall be agreed by both parties.

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