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How to choose the right zipper?

Public date: 2021-9-13 9:03:27

Because zippers in different environments have different adaptability, so in the purchase of zippers should be specially proposed to the manufacturer:

First, the zipper used in the zipper head machine which kind of products (such as leather cases, shoes wear zipper head machine boots, ski clothes, raincoats, tents, washing jeans or acidic leather products) or other special requirements.

Two, the zipper composition requirements, whether to contain AZO (AZO), zipper head machine does not contain nickel, or can pass needle detector. Zipper head machine

Three, 3# wear zipper head machine, 4#, 5# these refers to the number of the zipper, is measured by the width of the zipper closed.

Simply put: The larger the number, the thicker the zipper head. Usually, the zippers on our jackets are 5#, such as 8# and 10# are special zippers. The zipper head machine is very rough, so it should be specially customized and seldom used. 4YG refers to the zipper on pants, and the zipper head machine refers to the zipper of the 4# YG head. The zipper head of this zipper head machine is with a lock, especially on jeans and casual pants, which are relatively firm and generally metal teeth. The vast majority of brand clothes will be customized in their clothes on the zipper zipper head machine chain brand, usually different shapes, and above are engraved with the brand LOGO, is to wear the zipper head machine is very detailed things, if done well will become a sign.

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